An tír glas Céilidh - The Green Country Irish Music Gathering

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All-Irish Day at OK MOZART - Monday, June 14
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Bring your instrument for a "one-on-one" demonstration on how to play Irish music - easy to learn "chunes" along with seasoned Irish performers. Acoustic stringed instruments, bowed or fretted (guitar, bass, dulcimers, mandolin family, violin family), and wind instruments (especially flutes) are prime candidates in this session.

Please note that for violin, flute, guitar and other fretted instruments, you should be able to play your instrument. We are here to teach a new style, not to teach you your first note or chord on the instrument.
However, some instruments are new to just about everyone. Therefore, depending upon the registrations we receive, we try to accomodate your desire to try out some of the more unusual instruments for the first time.
For example, there will be some hammer dulcimers so you can try your hand at this unusual instrument.

Please follow the enroll link button below and provide some information about yourself, so that we can keep in touch and better prepare for this opportunity to play music with you.

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